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Our Process

Research Creative Service Process Schematic


Research Creative Client specialist

Client specialist

Research Creative Scientific creative lead

Scientific creative lead

Research Creative Graphic designers

Graphic designers

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Video production editors

Research Creative Script writers

Script writers

Research Creative Professional voice actors

Professional voice actors

Meeting Your Objectives

Our track record allows us to offer the following guarantee: If your project has a target venue with specific requirements and there is any in-scope issue that we can resolve, Research Creative will re-edit the video for free to meet these requirements.

Reliability and Support

Research Creative is a brand of the US-based scientific editorial and communications firm Accdon LLC. Accdon has been an established author and publisher services provider with strong existing relationships across the industry. Customer support will be here for multiple projects or series stretched over months or years. Contact us via email or the Consult form for assistance.

Ensuring Confidentiality

Research Creative maintains strict protocols to protect the confidentiality of your source materials for all projects. Every member of the team has signed a legally binding confidentiality agreement forbidding the disclosure of any information—including personal information and the content of source files and data—to any third party.


Do I need to provide source files?

You are not required to provide source files; however, any materials that aid in explaining your research, or how you wish your science to be portrayed, are helpful for our design team. These may include a manuscript, slide presentation, or product marketing materials.

How can I provide feedback?

Your feedback is essential to our process. Following each stage of the animation or illustration project, you will need to review the work and provide feedback. We only progress to the next stage with your approval.

How is pricing determined?

Pricing is project dependent. If you have a particular budget, we can craft an animation or illustration to meet your price range. For an accurate quote, please contact us.

How do I know scientific accuracy is guaranteed?

Our PhD-trained science communicators work directly with professional designers and animators to assist you in communicating your research in an effective and accessible way. We allow you opportunities to provide feedback at each key stage of the production process, to ensure our products accurately represent your science. We’re happy to revise your illustration or animation until you are satisfied.