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Pre-spec Video Options

These common styles allow for completely custom animation coupled with the conveniences of a pre-specified length, pricing, and turnaround time

Research Creative Video Abstract

Video Abstract   |    

Our video abstract is the gold standard research summary. Utilized broadly by journals, the 3-minute video abstract is produced by innovative script writers, illustrators, animators, editors, and professional voice actors. Choose this prefab option if you want a comprehensive summary that is styled specifically for journal submission.

 Price: $1620
 Turnaround: 20 business days

Research Creative Explainer Video

Explainer Video   |    

Our concise video format is the 60-90 second explainer video. This offers optimal engagement for showcase events and expos; educational and advocacy videos for a general audience; marketing videos for tech and life science start-ups; and promotional videos for laboratory and university websites. This prefab option gives you the same production team in a more concise and budget-friendly format.

 Price: $950
 Turnaround: 15 business days

Custom Styles

Research Creative Educational Video

Educational Video

Tailor-made educational videos for an audience of any knowledge level. Advanced STEM topics can be covered exhaustively or summarized for the general public or policy makers. Package effective educational material in a cleverly animated and narrated format that is both engaging and informative.

Quote Based

Research Creative Training Video

Training Video

Increase the efficacy of your training programs with our society’s preferred format for information consumption: video. Save time and money and give employees the flexibility to complete necessary training. Perfect for remote- or tele-work structures. Narrate and animate training programs for easy and convenient learning experiences.

Quote Based

Research Creative Short Animations

Short Animations

Animations can be powerful tools for communicating exceedingly difficult scientific concepts. Research Creative can use the same animation techniques and processes in our full length videos to provide single animations that meet your needs. We will present you with an intuitive and cleverly designed animation according to your requirements for use in a range of mediums.

Quote Based

Research Creative Promotional Video

Promotional Video

Advanced storytelling techniques for selling your product to any stakeholder. Compelling animations and narration can be used to highlight the crucial themes and novelty behind your work, product, or service. Use for trade shows, events, conferences, competitions, and more.

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Reach out to us to create a solution

Applications for scientific animations are endless:

 Visualization of scientific concepts
 New product presentations
 Enhanced brand awareness
 Training strategies



Do I need to provide source files?

You are not required to provide source files; however, any materials that aid in explaining your research, or how you wish your science to be portrayed, are helpful for our design team. These may include a manuscript, slide presentation, or product marketing materials.

How can I provide feedback?

Your feedback is essential to our process. Following each stage of the animation or illustration project, you will need to review the work and provide feedback. We only progress to the next stage with your approval.

How is pricing determined?

Pricing is project dependent. If you have a particular budget, we can craft an animation or illustration to meet your price range. For an accurate quote, please contact us.

How do I know scientific accuracy is guaranteed?

Our PhD-trained science communicators work directly with professional designers and animators to assist you in communicating your research in an effective and accessible way. We allow you opportunities to provide feedback at each key stage of the production process, to ensure our products accurately represent your science. We’re happy to revise your illustration or animation until you are satisfied.

Do you produce video abstracts in the format of major journals and publishers (e.g., Nature, Cell, Elsevier, and Springer)?

The video abstract service is specifically designed for the purpose of producing compelling and engaging video abstracts that not only fit the parameters of major publishers, but stand out relative to less sophisticated work that may be submitted to these same journals. Video abstract production is targeted to succeed against competing submissions to these journals.