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Research Creative Content Packages

Content Packages

Our full suite of visual services is available for organizations seeking content-production at any scale. Whether you’re are looking for infographics, short videos, or a full-length video series, Research Creative can provide you with best-in-class value for your objectives. Mix and match formats and deliverable types to achieve a balanced portfolio, within your budget. Click Get Started to see transparent estimates and get a full service quote from our dedicated client management team.

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Create a diverse content portfolio in just a few clicks:
Infographics for special issues and newsletters
Promotional and marketing video summaries
Science and technology illustrations for brochures and materials
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Research Creative White Label Services

White Label Services

Modern organizations are often expected to meet the role of content-creator for sophisticated audiences and customers. We want to enable your organization to bring Research Creative’s talented teams and track record into the fold via our White Label service solutions. We can provide you with best-in-class value for your content-creator objectives. Let us project an image of design competency and creative visual proficiency to your audience.

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Leveraging revenue-generating white label solutions:
Journal cover art, infographic, and video abstract programs
Webinars and short courses
Training and educational video series
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Research Creative Webinar and Course Production

Webinar and Course Production

Research Creative offers a one-stop solution for providing modern, engaging live webinars and online courses to your audience. We can market, manage, produce, and host individual events or entire series. Utilize our talented hosts to plan compelling content and deliver your events as part of our brand or as a white label solution.

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The full-service, turnkey package includes:
Live hosting, landing pages, and event moderation
Promotion and planning assistance for event content and materials
User management and tracking
Hosting for post-event, on-demand recordings
Post-production editing, analytics, and user engagement

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Partnership Use Cases

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