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About Us

Research Creative is a division of Accdon, a forward-thinking business focused on assisting the global research community in achieving effective scientific communication. Founded in 2021, Research Creative builds on Accdon’s 11 years of experience as an industry-leader in editorial and publisher support services. Specializing in the creation of useful and engaging scientific content for a global audience, Research Creative utilizes your scientific or industry insights to craft custom, personalized research communications or marketing solutions.



Join us at the leading edge of multimedia content and publishing

Our team of professional editors, designers and scientists work to create compelling multimedia content tailored to meet your specific goals and appeal to your target audience across a wide range of media platforms. As a research communications brand with an expansive content-creation infrastructure, we offer solutions to maximize the impact and exposure of your message with accuracy, transparency and integrity. We collaborate with various stakeholders including scientists, publishers and journals, academic institutions and societies, policymakers and industry leaders, and the public.

Research Creative - Vision: Join us at the leading edge of multimedia content and publishing

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