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    Animation and Illustration

    Where cutting-edge design and scientific discovery intersect

    An industry-leading suite of offerings. Research Creative can handle specific formats, such as individual journal covers, video abstracts, and explainer videos. Looking for something original? Our talented design team and innovative workflows allow scaling up to videos of any length. We can produce ambitious, expansive series on a monthly or yearly basis.


    For Organizations
    Bringing world class storytelling to science and technology

    •   Leverage Research Creative as your personal design studio
    •   Satisfy your audience’s demand for creative and compelling content
    •   Get a balanced portfolio of visual communications on a reasonable budget and timeline

    Our Process
    Real solutions that transform ideas into actionable initiatives

    An all-in-one design studio for technical, information-intensive storytelling using a variety of formats for scientific illustration and scientific animation. Access a team of client managers, illustrators, animators, creative leads, video editors, and professional voice actors. Linear, efficient workflows moving from team to team allow us to create iterative revisions without ever “going back”. This avoids the grind and delays typically inherent to complex multimodal projects. We don’t go back, we “go next.”

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